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 Lost Trades Fair 2018

Over, for another year.  

Nearly a month has passed since that weekend - and you may not be surprised to know that I am still catching up on all things Fair related - answering emails that have flooded in, responding to every email of congratulations and constructive critique.  Thank you to all who travelled from near and far to create a weekend that has been the biggest yet.  The numbers - for those who have not heard - were somewhere between 20,000 and 21,000.  Kyneton was the place to be and despite the wait in traffic - most visitors were happy to be at the fair and thought that it was well worth the trip. 

The weekend was one of magical mayhem dotted with media, laughter, old friends, new talents, inspiration and pure passion - thank you for sharing your skills, promoting what you do and continuing to make the fair a success. I am again overwhelmed by the incredible talent shared over the weekend.  To the artisans, musicians, food producers, craftspeople, and all the 'lost tradies' - you do what you do with passion, integrity and a raw honesty that makes the fair so captivating and something I am so incredibly proud to be part of.  The event's continued success is due to the dedication of artisans openly demonstrating their skills and sharing their stories of how they came to be practising their trades, I will never take that for granted and will continue to ensure that this is what the fair is all about. 

The Lost Trades Fair in 2019 will come with a few changes. We are unapologetic and uncompromising in upholding our ethos and values upon which we established the Lost Trades Fair -  as an event to promote the highest level of craftsmanship and be a platform for like minded artisans to promote the art of hand made. Members of our independent governance team visited the fair throughout on both days, assessing what each exhibiting artisan presented and the range of ‘crafts’ and ‘skills’ demonstrated, knowledge shared and how this related to the items being sold by artisans who choose to sell the products that they had personally handcrafted.  

Constructive assessment of the visitor experience and continuous improvement is crucial to the fair maintaining the integrity and authenticity that sets it apart from makers markets that are focussed on selling product rather than sharing skills and demonstration, the latter must always be first and foremost at this event; bigger is not necessarily better - and the risk of losing this vital part of the fair - which we market and promote in every interview, media opportunity and press release - is not an option.  We will over the next six months sit down be thoroughly going through their assessments, the artisans represented and the demonstration aspect of each exhibitor and what unique aspects they bring to the event in the future.  Invitations to participate in 2019 will be sent out accordingly in September. 

With best wishes for the rest of 2018. 

Lisa & Glen 

Vic Felters at Lost Trades Fair 2018

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