Elements and Principles of Design- Sabrina Crosthwaite

  • 9 Feb 2019
  • 9:00 AM
  • 10 Feb 2019
  • 4:00 PM
  • Church of Christ Hall, 246 Highfield Rd, Hartwell




Elements and Principles of Design, applied to a Scarf 

Have you often wondered why something you make just "works" or "doesn't work"? Can you analyse why?

We will cover the basics of the Design Elements and Design Principles theory, including colour, shape, line, pattern, balance, hierarchy etc. drawing your designs, then printing your chosen motives on silk.

The 1st Day will focus on design theory and printing. The 2nd on making a scarf with your design.


Tutor Biography

I have been interested in Design and textiles since a child, many years ago. It has always been part of my professional and personal life including my graduating folio from university.


I graduated with a design degree then worked in industry before commencing teaching. I have coordinated and taught in many design programs at both secondary and TAFE levels for the past 30 years.


My specialty was in teaching senior students to achieve high ATAR scores and entrance to their preferred tertiary courses. Many of my students have been selected for TOP Design and exhibited at Melbourne Museum.


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